What’s Next at 85 Driggs?

The loss of the Greenpoint Coffeehouse this week has me wondering about what’s going on at 85 Driggs. When I moved to what I like to call Greenpoint Heights, away from the hustle and bustle of my former Historic Greenpoint villa, this place was called Cup O’ Joe’s and was rarely open. I’ve been told that it was a front for other extracurricular activities of the herbal persuasion and then it closed. And then one day it opened as the most unpretentious cafe in Brooklyn, with well-priced and tasty brunch and pastry specialties. For a moment, it was a great little place to go when you weren’t in the mood to wait outside with thirty other people at Enid’s. And then it closed, but it was just to renovate. Then it re-opened as Ellie cafe, I believe named after Eddie’s mom, but there were property owner issues and Poof! it was gone again. This little joint on the corner of Monitor and Driggs has for me turned into the least reliable block in my hood.  But newspapers and work orders have been posted again recently and I can only hope something good comes of it. But not another letdown, please.  I have a feeling that if the same land owner is around, problems can’t be too far away.

2 thoughts on “What’s Next at 85 Driggs?

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