In The Network Nexus

In case you miss it or didn’t get inside last night’s Northern Brooklyn networking party, “Work It Brooklyn“, let me be the first to say that it was a success. The venue was packed, the free yummy granola bars & kombucha was flowing and I met some interesting people. You may or may not know that this imbecile here is always looking for more financial and creative opportunities, so this was a good event to meet people both in my field of arts and admin, as well as writers, architects, actors, producers and all out weirdos.  After I put my name tag on and did some mingling, we were squared off in groups of 20 to do the network equivalent of speed dating: 3 minutes per person to connect. Actually, before the timing even started, a woman pointed to me and said she knew my paintings, saw them in a show last year and thought they were “very cool”. That was cool.  I actually could have gone home right there feeling just fine.  Listed below are some of the people that I met. How often do you really meet someone new in this town, anyways?

Wren Noble, Producer for Slideluck Potshow, which “is a NYC-based arts non-profit, operating in many cities globally, that aims to bring people together around food and art, and to give people an interesting, engaging, and fun platform for sharing art with their community.”

G.G. Allen (her real name has been removed by request), Publisher for Williamsburg Greenpoint News & Arts (The WG News)

Kate Payne, Author & Blogger for The Hip Girl’s Guide To Homemaking

J. Soma, of Brooklyn Brainery, which “hosts cheap ($25!) collaborative classes on anything and everything. What’s that mean? Think book clubs on steroids.”

Jenny Gottstein, Communications Manager for Mean Red Productions

Chris Willets, of The Skint, a daily listing of free & cheap things to buy, see and do in New York.

Jeanette Arrowood, Senior Digital Strategist for Mobile Behavior, “a media, marketing and advertising consultancy focused on wireless communications.”

Gregor Nemitz-Ziadie, of Williamsburg Walks. He’s the guy responsible for getting those ugly cars off the streets of brooklyn in the summertime so us pedestrians can enjoy a nice day at the beach without leaving the hood.

Laura Rosenbaum, Illustrator, Designer and from her website, “I make fashion dreamscapes.”

Anton Nocito, founder of P&H Soda Company, which can be purchased at the next Greenpoint Food Market on April 10.

Erica Rothchild, Screenprinter and wife of Anton the Soda man. Her Etsy store here.

Rodrigo Toscano, of Collapsible Poetics Theater (video) This guy was nutty in a good way.

Like I already mentioned, how often do you meet a dozen or so interesting new people in one night ever? Not often enough. Kudos to the girls at Work It Brooklyn.


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