Can I assume that everybody on the Internets knows who or what the Nyan Cat is?  Am I the only one who wakes up early in the morning with the Nyan Cat theme song stuck in my head, you know, the repetitious melody that makes stable people unlike myself go Looney Tunes?

I seriously find the whole Nyan Cat craze a very interesting piece of electronic-based sociology where one individual begins a useless campaign of absurdity and quite literally, the rest of the world not only joins in, but creates their own version within some generally unofficial collective boundaries to keep the whole “movement” intact. I realize that comparing this to something like the Dada or Fluxus art movements of the past might seem ridiculous, but it kind of resembles a similar pattern.  Boundaries are established but not concrete, people create work both individually and collectively and it grows from a single concept.  One big difference is time.

Art movements, when they used to exist, slowly evolved through time, since global travel and electronic communication did not exist, it took much longer than say a week or two.  We’re already months into the Nyan Cat movement and although it continues on in mighty force as you will see by the videos below, it is also susceptible to extinction at any time.  You probably think that I’m finding too much meaning in an animation of a cat with a pop tart body flying through the air making rainbow trails, but it can be more if you choose to see it that way.  I am the Internet curator. I am the Brooklyn Imbecile. Keep reading, my people.

Mexican Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat takes over downtown LA

Real life Nyan Cat

Star Trek Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat Man

Nyan Metal Cat

Ole timey Nyan Cat

Super Mario Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat on Soul Train

And finally, Nyan Cat fully explained by Molly



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