Accidental Rothkos

When people cover up graffiti, they’re rarely returning it to its previous state and most often creating a whole new image.

I like what is created as an unintended collaboration with the “creator” and the “concealer”.  It sometimes makes for some dynamic minimalist shit if you look for it.  For some of them, Mark Rothko comes to my mind.

Kingsland Avenue

Clinton Street (LES)

Essex Street (LES)

Meserole Street

Russell Street


4 thoughts on “Accidental Rothkos

  1. i forget the graffiti artists name now, but there is someone whose tag is to paint these large ‘cover ups’! like in 3, 4, 5, and 6, except with neater edges, so it looks like a serious ‘cover up’, using bland paint that almost matches the original paint.


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