NSFW WEDS*: Large And In Charge

Meet Nancy Upton.  She started a photo project / blog of her posing in ridiculous scenes that poke fun at American Apparel’s recent plus size model hunt that just recently ended.  After only catering to anorexic cocaine hounds and almost going bankrupt, AA is adding fat people to their potential shoppers.  It seems kind of low, especially since their larges already fit like a medium in the first place.

I like Nancy’s sense of humor and clearly she’s a beautiful girl..












. . . .

it’s comin’!

. . . . .




Meet fat mutant, Susanne Eman.  She is attempting to be the fattest woman on Earth.

From her website:  “I began to eat just a bit more each day than the previous day. Before I knew it I was 700. I’m still very healthy, very mobile, and active. I’m looking forward to pushing the limits and seeing just how fat I can get. It’s hard to put into words what it feels like.”


Meet record breaker, Donna Simpson.  She’s the fattest woman to ever give birth at 602 lbs.  She also wants to be the fattest woman in the world.

Have I just blown your mind?  Good times.


*Wednesdays at Brooklyn Imbecile is Not Safe For Work Day, so if you’re viewing this right now at your corporate America job, sorry, but you just had a personal file created by your IT’s facist security team, so I would avoid being late to work in the mornings from now on. Until we find a decent way to completely disintegrate this non-functional capitalist police state work week, y’all have a happy Hump Day!

5 thoughts on “NSFW WEDS*: Large And In Charge

  1. wtf. who would want to be the fattest person in the world. that’s stupid. And if she was so healthy then why is she 700 pounds and needs help to get off the couch?

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