Gourmet Imbecile: Mo’ Grillin’ & Shit

Grass-fed fresh local beef, mixed with minced onions and soaked with soy sauce 24 hours before grilling; potato buns.

Everything except the corn gets smothered in cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.  Small sweet peppers with hot Hungarian paprika.  Bell peppers on skewers with sea salt and white pepper.  Crimini mushrooms on skewers with truffle salt.  Sliced baby eggplant with Swiss vegetable seasoning, Aromat.  Corn on the cob soaked in salty water for twenty minutes.

More of the same, but with the Meat Hook’s amazing Bahn Mi themed sausages.


On a completely different note with a food theme..

Check out French artist Alexandre Dubosc edible zoetropes for his animated film titled Alimation. (Via Via)

And finally some scanned images of squished fruit from Matt Walford.


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