Gourmet Imbecile: BBQ Chicken

I love BBQ chicken on the grill.  I learned recently that thick BBQ sauces, like the kind that I like, don’t penetrate the meat so well when marinating it.  It needs to be cut; diluted with something to bring down to a consistency more like maple syrup.

I like to use Stubb’s BBQ sauce, then dilute with Red Jacket Orchard’s Fuji Apple Juice and the pulp of half a tangerine.  Let it marinate for 1 hour in room temperature.  Then I put the bone-in chicken legs on high heat on my trusty rooftop gas grill for 3 minutes a side, basically a quick burn to the surface of the meat. Then set the grill on medium-low heat and grill for as much as 25 minutes.  Make sure you brush the marinade on the chicken every 5 minutes. Salt & pepper to taste.

Mmmmmm.. juicy meat every time.  We don’t know dry chicken in this house.



3 thoughts on “Gourmet Imbecile: BBQ Chicken

  1. i just figger’d out 🙂 that the bowl in the first pic is the chicken marinating. i thought it was a stew or something?

    that looks like you could just slow cook the chicken in that marinade. probably comes out delish…


  2. Hi,

    I work for Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauce and was wondering if we could use your recipe on our social media sites (with credit, of course). We’ve been working on collecting recipes from our fans and this one seems perfect to share with our Facebook fans!

    Feel free to contact me via email (mmoore@stubbsbbq.com) so we can discuss.

    Thank you,

    Mercer Moore

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