Queensapalaza XI : Tree Pits Fail

Three months ago, the City of New York hired a private company to install trees in these freshly prepared tree pits on both sides of Queens Plaza.

The trees were young, healthy and too fragile looking for the hustle and bustle of this thoroughfare.

They put those green tree gator bags that are used to keep the trees hydrated, but they were never filled and all of the trees died either from lack of water and construction accidents.

So they took out the trees and paved over some of the tree pits.

The rest will see new trees coming soon, so says the lady in the food truck nearby.

Based on what I know about tree planting and construction costs, I would be willing to guess that $20,000 – $40,000 was lost in the process. Paid for, of course, by yours truly and the other seven or so other mill taxpayers in NYC.  Not cool. Total Tree Pit Fail.

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