Weekend Spread: Nature Walk

This is the entrance to the Newton Creek Solid Waste Treatment Facility’s Nature Walk.  Yes, that’s right, a tour of plants and informational graphs around the perimeter of the biggest poop chute on the Eastern seaboard. Let’s have a look…

Okay, wait, is this a nature walk or a concentration camp?

Oh, what’s through that cool little circle.. Oh. Huh.

So far this is one creepy nature walk.

Now which way do I go?

Here we go, here’s some, errr, nature.

Yeah, there’s still a little bit of nature left in that Superfund water.. I think.

Hey it’s a tree, of course it’s pit is too small, but it should last a good while still.

Plant life lineage


There they are.. the famous shit tits!

The poop factory is still a work in progress.

Everything was built solidly and with interesting design, but nature walk? No, I don’t think so.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Spread: Nature Walk

  1. > or a concentration camp?

    that’s exactly what i was thinking! well, one of those california prisons, like pelican bay.


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