30 Of The Best & Worst Halloween Costumes of 2011

You can decide which ones are the best & worst, but I scoured the Internets for the most comprehensive Halloween outfits for you, your sexy wife, your child and your dog. I love this holiday. I kind of wish it went on for longer. And I say Boo to Christmas.

Jay & Silent Bob


Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi

Tranny Black Swan


Zach Galifianakis

Apparently Heidi Klum dresses up every year and this is her 2011 costume.

Chia Pup

The Incredible Dog

Nyan Pug

Angelina Jolie’s child

Princess Vader

Zombie Iron Man

Functional camera costume


Patrick Bateman (perfect for OWS)

My fiance and I are Mario & Luigi this year. Will work for gold coins and mushrooms.

Everybody loves Walter White

They’re ALIVE!!

Mmmmm.. pixels..

Star Wars Lego People

Army Guy.. how does he walk?

Box of Wine

Dr. Zoidberg


Parent of the Year Award goes to…

Borat never looked so good..


The quickest corporate death in business history.


One thought on “30 Of The Best & Worst Halloween Costumes of 2011

  1. pixel wins!

    gadafi – 2nd. very topical. reminds me of the tylenol costumes back when someone was poisoning the tylenol.

    darth vadress – 3rd. great spin on a standard.

    all the zombies and blood covered costumes – you have one year to come up with something better, or, don’t bother dressing up at all.


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