Accidental Rothkos, Part 3

Wolcott Street, Red Hook

E. 13th Street, East Village

E. 11th Street, East Village



More Accidental Rothkos HERE  and HERE.

When people cover up graffiti, they’re rarely returning it to its previous state and most often creating a whole new image.  I like what is created as an unintended collaboration with the “creator” and the “concealer”.  It sometimes makes for some dynamic minimalist shit if you look for it.  For some of them, Mark Rothko comes to my mind.


3 thoughts on “Accidental Rothkos, Part 3

  1. It has come to my attention that somebody has already thought of this theme already. In addition, someone else actually made a book on bklurb called, “Accidental Rothkos” with the same theme. It’s one of those moments where I had to really think of if I thought this up on my own or somehow saw it somewhere first. It’s kind of embarrasing, but at the same time, I’m kind of like, whatever. I stand behind my original photographs, it’s just the title that is the real issue, but this will be my last post on this series. Chip Litherland is the photographer with the book and I have to say, he does a beautiful job, check it out here:

  2. 🙂 it’s not a ‘real’ book. 🙂

    imhoith you should continue with the series. okay, maybe rename it as ‘never before seen rothko discovered!’ or ‘ripping off rothko’ or ‘undiscovered rothko’ or…


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