Pixelated Brick Clouds

I love the pattern of the bricks that are turning white.  I honestly can’t tell what has caused this, natural or ornamental design?

From Kent Avenue, Brooklyn.


4 thoughts on “Pixelated Brick Clouds

  1. In addition, in cold and wet weather, mortar may exhibit efflorescence. This is a natural process of the cement expelling natural salts. The contractor may easily wash off the efflorescence by using a dilute solution of baking soda and warm water.

  2. Huh, interesting. Thanks for sharing. I also noticed last weekend that the entrance to the BQE at Atlantic Avenue, the bricks actually have deteriorated to the point that some parts just have the skeletal mortar left, creating a cool 3D grid shape. Probably not ideal for longevity, but very cool looking.

  3. Water has penetrated into to wall, and due to lack of weep holes can not escape, except for leaching thru the bricks. During freeze/thaw cycles the bricks will spall, as the water expands during freezing.

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