Maspeth Creek Disaster

At the dead end intersection of 58th Road & 47th Street in Maspeth, Queens, this is the water’s edge.

Behind a parking lot to a NYC DOT facility, I found this opening into one of the most heavily polluted areas in NYC.

The ground, air and water here have been devastated by years of environmental violations and neglect.

Anyone wanna go for a swim? Perhaps their final swim?

Business as usual…

It’s hard to imagine that to this day anyone is enforcing any EPA laws here.

This place could be beautiful if anyone decided to take care of it.

But then again, I suppose if it was beautiful here, am insanely rich mayor might allow greedy developers to build ugly ass condos that would be lived in by douche bag bankers from Jersey and Michigan.

Maybe this dump is paradise.

Welcome to Maspeth country.


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