25 Of My Favorite Urban Abstractions of 2011

I’m always looking for interesting abstract images created from every day life in this fine city of New York. Here are 25 of my favorite ones that I took in 2011. The picture above is just rain-soaked newspaper fround on a Manhattan sidewalk.

Spilled and dried latex paint from a Brooklyn sidewalk.

Eagle Street, Greenpoint landscape.

Ikea parking lot, Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The Laboratory.

Sidewalk on the Lower East Side.

McGolrick Park lit up while filming for Boardwalk Empire.

Weathered advertising on Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn

From under the Pulaski Bridge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Building exterior close-up in London, England.

Rooftop gardening junk.

A wall on East 60th Street, Manhattan.

From Norman Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The ole Q60 buses that shuttle people across the Queensboro Bridge.

South Williamsburg street pattern.

Rectangular stones on a beach in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Cardboard on Manhattan Avenue.

An aged sign on Clay Street, Greenpoint.

A door on Devoe Street, Brooklyn.

A beautiful wall on Oak Street, Greenpoint.

Unintended assemblage art created with utilitarian interests in Red Hook.

Fire escape shadows on Nassau Avenue, Greenpoint.

Construction debris on Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg.

From a facade being restored in Union Square, New York.

A partly cloudy reflection on the Gotham building on Queens Plaza.


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