Final Meal

If I had to choose one meal until I died, this would be it: Dill Pickles, Greek Olives, Chorizo Secco, Prosciutto di Parma wrapped cantaloupe, nutmeggy Mortadella and Havarti Cheese with German Tomy mustard.


2 thoughts on “Final Meal

  1. btw, i do a ‘kielbassa seco’ – buy some cheap kobasa (the dollar ninety nine a pound – zwycajna – is fine). then i hang it on a string in the kitchen, making sure there is plenty of cool air circualtion and that no parts of it touch each other. it starts drying and after a week or two, it has shrunk down to maybe 2/3 or the original size. then, i cut thin slices off of it, and have them with beer, and a bit of mustard, or dill pickles, or melon, or tomato, or red pepper, or onion, or garlic, or olives, or…

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