McGolrick Bread Park

Every morning before 6am there are random offerings of varieties of bread products that have been thrown, dumped and spread throughout McGolrick Park for the (improbable) benefit to the bird, rat and squirrel population that have been known to be morbidly obese.  I’m in the park walking my dog.

These pictures hopefully take on a spatially abstract life beyond the documentation of littered bread.


6 thoughts on “McGolrick Bread Park

  1. jon and i are going to start seeding the are since my landlord ended the bird feeder because he has no soul. the squirrels there are so obese. i wonder if it bad for them to eat bread…

  2. Wild animals do not benefit from butter, flour, salt, sugar or yeast. Physically speaking, either do we. But of course, we love these ingredients. If you must indulge the park rodents, have a little style and make tiny little croissants and pretzels for our furry friends. I kid, I kid, seriously, stop fucking littering the park with your gluten rubbish!

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