Die Gary

This sloppy spray paint graffiti on the walkway in McGolrick Park is uninspiring and looks like a stain. I can love tags, stencils and street art, but this shit is nothing but a blemish every morning when I walk my dog in the park.

On a side note, Urban Dictionary defines “Dirty Gary” as: “The act of passing out on the toilet while taking a shit when you’re drunk and leaving the door open so everyone can see your small hairy wiener.”


4 thoughts on “Die Gary

  1. > Sorry, but hipsters don’t do swastikas.

    but they do graph eat tea. one is not better than the other, in the big scheme.


  2. I would never compare the language of hate to that of street culture. I don’t appreciate graffiti is some places, like my park, but I certainly don’t hate graffiti or any kind of street art. It’s a huge part of this blog and I post it not because I’m against it, but because it intrigues me. Graffiti is one of the few non-commercial entities that evolve in any given neighborhood. I love the accidental collaboration that exists among all street artists and how it interacts with our surroundings. Artists risk their personal and financial freedom to take part in this subculture. I’ve also found myself incredibly uncomfortable when I’m in a neighborhood or another city that lacks graffiti and when I return to a tagged up area like my neighborhood in Brooklyn, it actually provides a cozy, communal feeling. I don’t know what “big scheme” you are referring to, but I would never in a million years compare this expression to a belief that has caused the massacre of millions of innocent people.

  3. the ‘big scheme’ is that graf-ee-tee, regardless of what it says, is a rape, a forcing of oneself upon someone else without that other persons permission or desire.


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