Broken Run

Early yesterday morning I commented to a fellow dog owner how I wanted to know how to help fund a new chain link door to the big dog run because it was broken (because a film crew knocked it over with their truck!).  That was ten hours before a storm came around and really fucked shit up for good ole mister fence.  Fuckin’ tree.


3 thoughts on “Broken Run

  1. Bloomberg has given the green light to film crews in Brooklyn to do whatever they want, including noisey late night and early morning filming, destruction of personal and public property, taking away dozens of blocks of parking at days at a time, increased litter and dumping, telling residents that they are not allowed to walk on a block that they live on because they are filming and not suffering any kind of repercussions when complaints are lodged against them. It’s part of the mayor’s choice of commerce over the interests of individual citizens.

  2. > Bloomberg has given

    🙂 no wonder nyc is such a great place to live in. 🙂 (smartcastic comment to lighten up a seriously serious situation.)


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