I’d like to introduce to you Brooklyn Imbecile’s newest contributor: Asend Tsf.  I find his watercolors of street scenes as a refreshing twist on the usual documentation of city life.

His process in his own words: “This series of watercolors is made from taking street photos on my cell phone. I zoom in and try to get the details as I draw them out with a sharpie. If I make mistakes, I just go with it, never admitting that the image may differ from what I really saw. Once the outline is done, I erase the original photo from my phone. Leaving the drawing as the only proof that the action described even happened.” 

Asend Tsf was raised in NYC and attended LaGuardia High School. He went to art school in Ohio, where we met about 15 years ago and then moved back to Brooklyn. He’s done design work for Brooklyn Industries, Akademiks and the record label, Defjux. He’s also worked with Shepard Fairey and Mr. Brainwash.
img026 Asend Tsf’s inspiration for his huge series of watercolors comes from a lifelong appreciation for the work of William Steig, a famous cartoonist who worked for New Yorker magazine. Asend says, “My family always had subscriptions to the New Yorker, and that is where I credit my illustration style to have stemmed from. I loved W. Steig drawings my whole life.” 

On the concept of his work, Asend says, “I try to catch the moments that people take for granted. The times where no one would want their picture taken. After I paint it, I feel like I’ve added my own filter to their images. The drawing may be of total strangers, but after being transmitted through my eye and my hand, they begin to have a familiar feeling.”

Welcome Asend Tsf! We’re going to show a recent watercolor hopefully every week for as long as we can keep the images coming in. Each work will include a little bit of commentary from the artist as well.



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