Ten Of The Best 8-Bit Retro Creations of 2011


Oh, wait, it’s 2012, isn’t it?  Of course, I realize that it’s 2012: the year the world ends to those who also believe reality shows aren’t scripted and think the earth is 7,000 years old.  But to me, based on what I see out there in popular culture, there is so much love for the 8-bit retro aesthetic, it’s kind of ridiculous and awesome. There is a “simpler time” technology era sentimentality that I can see.  The 8-bit squid double-retro image above comes from Chris Zimmerman.

The blinking (click on image to see it animated) 8-bit holiday wreath available from Thinkgeek is pretty cool, I must admit.

Artist Ted Martens created a free 8-bit fireplace application that I’ve already downloaded and enjoyed. There are keywords, like “marshmallow” and “match” that make it interactive.

8-bit costume by someone very cool and smart who’s link I can’t find.

Last week, Gamestop’s HQ in San Francisco creates 8 bit mural with post-its.

Sexy 8-bit panty hose (Via)

8-bit fashion by Kunihiko Morinaga

Swedish artist Lars Arrhenius covers train stations.

8-bit Illustrations by Jude Buffum

Artist Aled Lewis getting kinky.

And of course, 2011’s biggest 8 bit hit was definitely the Nyan Cat, so the Happy Nyan Year Cat was just a matter of time.

You do know Mr. Nyan, right?

Thanks for all the yummy 2011 page hits, imbecile lovers!!

I Am Not An Artist

Are you a non-stop design worker?  Do you know how to make an animated gif?  This website is fun even if you are just a measley artist or non-designer.  But it’s basically a collaborative project that anyone can contribute to by making their own animated gif and uploading it to their site: I am not an artist.  Check it out.